Definition of Monday Morning Quarterback

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What does the term "Monday morning quarterback" mean? What is meant by the term "Monday morning quarterback"?

A "Monday morning quarterback" is somebody who questions decisions AFTER they are made with the benefit of hindsight.

Most quarterbacks in the NFL play their games on Sundays, so a "Monday morning quarterback" is somebody who doesn't actually put themselves on the line to play a game - rather, they offer their opinion after the fact.

Monday Morning Quarterback meaning.  What is it?  The King explains and provides examples.  In photo:  An armchair on the field.For instance - let's say that you work at a company. The company decides that the best path forward is to focus all of their marketing dollars on their top product, rather than continue to diversify their offering.

This plan doesn't work and the company eventually goes out of business.

If you are somebody who didn't offer their opinion at the time, but rather waited until after the company had closed down to opine that the plan wouldn't work, you'd be a "Monday morning quarterback".


Let's keep it on football for a second example.

The day after your favourite NFL team loses, you say that they had the wrong gameplan and should have thrown the ball more.

Again - this makes you a "Monday morning quarterback", as you offered your opinion after you had the benefit of hindsight.