Definition of Match Fixing

What does the term "match fixing" mean in the world of sports betting? What is the definition of the term "match fixing?

Match fixing occurs when one or more players or coaches conspire to rig the outcome of a game in which they are participating in order to secure a monetary payoff.

What is Match Fixing when it comes to sports?  THe King explains this illegal activity.For instance - let's say that a soccer team is up 3-0 at the half. Let's say that somebody communicates with five of the key players on the team, including the goaltender, and offers them $50,000 each in order to lose the game.

Let's say that these players all agree to the scheme. The goaltender is suddenly terrible, letting in all sorts of horrible goals, while the rest of the paid off players are equally bad.

The team, which had been leading 3-0 at the half, ends up losing 5-3.

The person or syndicate who offered the payoffs would have put significant sums of money down on the other team (the one that was losing 3-0 at the half) to end up winning the game.

Given the circumstances, they would have received a massive payoff following the conclusion of the game.

Sports books and leagues try very hard to identify situations where match fixing has taken place, as protecting the integrity of the leagues is of utmost importance.


Match fixing can come in all different shapes and sizes.

In some cases, there is simply one person in business for themselves, betting on the outcome of a contest they are involved in or taking a payout. This happens quite frequently in tennis, which is quite often targeted by match fixers.

In other cases, multiple players are targeted and offered a cash payoff in order to throw a game.