Definition of Longest Touchdown Scored

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What does the term "longest touchdown scored" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by "longest touchdown scored"?

With the "longest touchdown scored" line, you are betting on whether the longest touchdown scored in a football game (by either team) is above or below a number determined by the sportsbook.

The Longest Touchdown Scored betting term meaning is explained.  In photo:  Miami Dolphins endzone.For instance, let's say that the Miami Dolphins are playing the New England Patriots.

The sportsbook sets their "longest touchdown scored" line at 41.5 yards. The line might look like this:

Longest Touchdown Scored

41.5 Yards

Over 41.5 yards, -110
Under 41.5 yards, -110

Touchdowns can come in any shape or form with this line - offensive touchdowns, defensive touchdowns, etc.

So, if Tyreek Hill catches a 50 yard touchdown pass, the "over" would pay off.

If the longest touchdown of the game is just 27 yards, the "under" would pay.


If there is a 95 kickoff return for a touchdown, the "over" would cash.

If there is a 58 interception return for a TD, the "over" would cash.

If there are no touchdowns in a game, the "under" would cash.