Definition of La Partita Della Vita

What is the meaning of 'La Partita Della Vita' when it comes to the beautiful game of football?

The King explains the meaning of the Italian term La Partita Della Vita.  What is it and what could it be for a professional as well as the amateur player?La Partita Della Vita is a term in Italian language, which carries a great deal of strength and emotion when used, and it translates to 'the game of life'. More precisely perhaps, in the context of sports, it means 'the game of a lifetime'. For a football player La Partita Della Vita is a game that has immense importance for the team, the fans and in this case, most importantly, the individual. It is The Big game in a player's career. The most important game up to that moment.

For established professionals and amateur players alike, there is always that one game that marks the pinnacle of their playing career. What that game is to each player is a personal matter, but what all Partida Della Vita events have in common are high anticipation and pressure to perform that come with it.

If you have hung up your cleats already, what was your La Partida Della Vita?

If you are a young player, what do you think yours could be?