Definition of Kamarageddon

What does the term "Kamarageddon" mean in the world of fantasy sports? What is meant by the "Kamarageddon"?

On Christmas Day, 2020, Alvin Kamara put together one of the best performances of all time by a running back.

Profile drawing of Alvin Kamara, the football player.  Illustration.  Art.

This was especially significant to fantasy football players, as this performance came during Week 16, which is championship week for most fantasy football leagues.

The New Orleans Saints would win the game by a score of 52-33, with Kamara providing the bulk of the Saints' offence.

Here was his stat line from the game:

6 Rushing Touchdowns
22 Carries for 155 Yards
3 Receptions for 17 Yards

In standard fantasy scoring, Kamara amassed a total of 52 points.

In 0.5 PPR fantasy scoring, Kamara finished with 54.7 points.

In 1.0 PPR fantasy scoring, Kamara finished with 56.2 points.

This performance puts Kamara near the top of the best all-time performances by a running back, though he is slightly edged out by Clinton Portis in standard scoring and Jamaal Charles in 0.5 or 1.0 PPR scoring.


Here are the highlights from the "Kamarageddon":