Definition of Handcuff

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What does the term "handcuff" mean in the world of fantasy football? What is meant by the term "handcuff" in fantasy football?

In fantasy football, a "handcuff" refers to a backup running back.

For instance - a good strategy, when drafting a high profile running back, is to also draft their "handcuff" in case of injury.

In photo: Christian McCaffrey pointing the finger up.  The meaning of the American football term Handcuff is explained when it comes to playing Fantasy part of the game.For instance - Christian McCaffrey is the clear RB1 in San Francisco.

If you draft him, taking the back-up running back on the team - Eli Mitchell - would be smart.

That way, if CMC gets injured, you already have his replacement on your team.

The 49ers have a strong offense, and you'd want to own whichever running back is starting for the team.


There are high value handcuffs and low value handcuffs.

For instance - Eli Mitchell would be a high value handcuff, as he is a talented running back and the 49ers are a very good team.

A low value handcuff might be a back-up running back who has not done well in previous opportunities and plays for a bad team.

In this case, drafting a handcuff would NOT be a good idea.