Definition of Goalscorer Assist Double

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What does the term "goalscorer assist double" mean in the world of soccer betting? What is meant by the term "goalscorer assist double"?

In soccer betting, a goalscorer assist double line is when you are betting that you can correctly guess a goal scorer PLUS the person that assists them on a goal.

This goal can take place any time over the course of a game.

The King explains the meaning of the betting term Goalscorer Assist Double.  In photo:  Famous Real Madrid footballer and Ballon dOr winner Karim Benzema with the look.For instance, let's say that Real Madrid is playing against Valencia in La Liga action.

A couple of the "goalscorer assist double" lines might look like this:

Karim Benzema assisted by Luka Modric, +425
Eden Hazard assisted by Luka Modrid, +625

So, let's say that you would like to bet on Karim Benzema scoring over the course of a game, and that he will be assisted by Luka Modric.

In this case, a successful $100 wager on this happening would yield a total profit of $425.

It's not enough for Benzema to score or for Modric to assist on a goal - instead, Benzema has to score, and he HAS to be assisted by Luka Modric, in order for you to win your bet.


Correctly picking the goal scorer and the person that assists them is obviously hard to do, but that's why the potential payoffs are so big on most of the "goalscorer assist double" lines.