Definition of Go The Distance

What does the term "go the distance" mean in the world of sports? What is the definition of "going the distance"?

In boxing or mixed martial arts, to "go the distance" means to last until the final bell.

Going the distance - Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts - Illustration.In boxing or MMA, if a fight "goes the distance", the judges at ringside score the fight and reveal their decisions.

You will have unanimous decisions, split decisions and draws if the fight doesn't end by the closing bell.

To "go the distance" applies to everyday life as well. "Going the distance" means that you are pushing through and going the extra mile to finish up strong.

For instance - let's say that you decide to clean out your basement, which turns out to be a much bigger job than you first anticipated.

You decide, however, to "go the distance" and finish up the job.