Definition of Footy Betting

What does the term "footy betting" mean? What is meant by the term "footy betting"?

"Footy" usually refers to one of two things, depending on the country in which the term is being used.

The meaning of the term Footy Betting is explained in the Sports King Dictionary.  What is the meaning of this term in different parts of the world.In the United Kingdom, "Footy" is an informal way of referring to football.

In Australia, "Footy" is usually informally used to describe rugby.

Both of these sports are very popular with bettors in their respective countries.

In the United Kingdom, betting on "footy" is extremely popular, as people love making wagers on leagues such as the English Premier League or Champions League, just to name a few.

In Australia, the National Rugby League is extremely popular to place wagers on, as is the Rugby World Cup.

"Footy betting" can be done at every sports book that is available in your country, though some sports books are better than others.