Definition of First Set Lead After (Games)

What does the term "first set lead after (games)" mean in the world of tennis betting? What is meant by "first set lead after (games)"?

The first set lead after (games) lines allow you to bet on who you think will be winning after a certain number of games have been played in the first set.

The meaning of the term First Set Lead After Games when it comes to the sport of tennis is explained, with example provided.  In photo:  Rafael Nadal reaching for the ball.Sportsbooks will usually have three lines:

2 Games
4 Games
6 Games

So, let's say that Rafael Nadal is playing Roger Federer. The "first set lead after (games)" line for 2 games might look like this:

2 Games

Rafael Nadal, 4.55
Roger Federer, 4.25
Tie, 1.44

What does this tell us?

It shows that there is a high expectation that both players will hold serve and that the first set will be tied 1-1 after 2 games have been played.

As more games are added, the chances of a tie decrease:

4 Games

Rafael Nadal, 3.55
Roger Federer, 2.95
Draw, 1.95

The more games that are played in the first set, the less of a chance there will be that the contest will be tied once we hit the targeted number of games.

This is how the "first set lead after (games)" lines work.