Definition of First Match Corner

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What does the term "first match corner" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by "first match corner"?

In football betting, the "first match corner" line is when you bet on which team will kick the first corner of the game.

What is the meaning of the term First Match Corner in the sport of football?  The King explains.For instance, a "first match corner" line between Tottenham and Everton might look like this:

Tottenham, 1.44
Everton, 2.62

Tottenham is considered to be the better football club, so they have the better odds of kicking the first corner of the match.

If you wanted to back Everton (maybe you think that they are going to get off to a strong start in the match and get the first corner), you would want to take them at 2.62 to kick the first corner.

In this case, a successful £100 wager would yield a total profit of £162.

If you decide to back Tottenham with a £100 wager, you would be looking to earn a return of £42.


This is just one of the many different betting lines that are offered on corner kicks over the course of a match.