Definition of Fight Island

What does the term "Fight Island" mean? What is meant by "Fight Island"?

In the wake of the Coronavirus, the UFC has desperately attempted to keep their fight cards intact.

UFC 249 was originally supposed to take place in California, though the state reportedly put the pressure on ESPN/Disney (the UFC's broadcast partners) to ditch the event. UFC President Dana White, reportedly out of respect for his broadcast partners, complied and the event was postponed.

The Fight Island concept illustration.  An idea or the real thing?UFC 249 is now being held in Florida, but what of the UFC's slate of international cards? After all, flying fighters to international locations would be a nightmare, as countries have different travel restrictions in place.

UFC President Dana White had an idea - the "Fight Island".

This island would be a place where the UFC could host their international cards. According to reports, the island would be set up with everything - hotels for fighters, training facilities and even an Octagon on the beach.

Truly a "Fight Island".

Dana White seems deadly serious about this idea, though we will see if it comes to fruition. With lockdown restrictions starting to ease around the world, the promotion may not have the need to host any "Fight Island" cards.