Definition of FAAB

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What does the term "FAAB" mean in the world of fantasy football? What is the definition of the term "FAAB"?

In fantasy football, "FAAB" is also known as "Free Agency Acquisition Budget".

With a typical "FAAB" setup, each player in the league will start with a preset amount of "FAAB" at the beginning of the year.

The meaning of FAAB - Free Agency Acquisition Budget - Term explained.  Sports King Dictionary.Each week, after all of the week's games have concluded, free agents can be added using "FAAB".

Let's say that each player in a league has $200 in FAAB to start each year with.

After Week 1, a big running back blows out their knee and is out for the year.

The back-up running back on the team is a free agent, and therefore very valuable.

Every person in the league will want this player on their team.

If you are using a "FAAB" setup, the player that bids the most will receive this running back.

So, if three people bid $100 and one person bids $150, the person who bids $150 will receive the player.

This $150 is then removed from their FAAB budget for the rest of the season, leaving them with just $50 left.

The other three players that bid $100 will not have anything removed from their budgets, as they were not successful in bidding on the player.

Once a fantasy football player has run out of FAAB, they can either:

1) Try to add more FAAB via trade
2) Bid $0 for free agents and hope that nobody else bids


There is a great deal of strategy involved in FAAB bidding, which is why this method is very popular with fantasy football players.