Definition of eWorld Cup

What is the eWorld Cup when it comes to the sport of soccer?

The King explains the meaning of the term eWorld Cup when it comes to the sport of soccer and the world of video games.  Illustration.The FIFA eWorld Cup is a video game tournament that the world's football governing body, FIFA, hosts annually in partnership with EA Sports, the maker of the popular FIFA video game.

The tournament, which started in 2004, has evolved and massively grown in popularity over the years. Although already followed by millions of viewers world-wide, the 2020 tournament, which takes place in Milan, Italy this summer, promises to bring the competition into the mainstream. The general interest in esports is growing, and the FIFA eWorld Cup is progressively seeing more action on both player and viewer levels. The marketing budget for the event is increasing year after year and so is the total value of prizes awarded.

The 2019 eWorld Cup final event was held in London, England with the winner, among other bonuses, taking home the prize of $250,000 USD.