Definition of Double Result

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What is the definition of the term "double result"? What does the term "double result" mean in the world of sports betting?

If you bet on soccer, you have likely see your sports book offering odds on a "double result".

What is a "double result"?

Definition of Double Result - King Sports Betting DictionaryLet's say that Swansea is playing Southampton. There are nine different "double result" lines. Here is one:

Draw/Swansea - 6.00

In a "double result", you are looking to correctly bet on the outcome after half-time and the outcome after full-time.

So, in the example listed above, if the game was tied at half-time but Swansea ended up winning, this line would end up paying out.

You need to get the result after half-time AND the result after full-time correct in order to win the bet.

Let's look at a second example from the same game:

Southampton/Swansea - 26.00

In this example, Southampton would need to be leading after the first half while Swansea would need to be winning at full-time. This is fairly unlikely to happen, which is why you would get odds of 26.00.