Definition of Derby della Madonnina

What is the meaning of the term 'Derby della Madonnina' when it comes to the world of sports?

'Derby della Madonnina' is the nickname for the football derby between two fierce rivals of Milan, AC Milan and Internazionale. The derby also carries the name of 'Derby di Milano' which the English language version of is 'The Milan Derby'.

Dictionary entry for the football term Derby della Madonnina.  What is it?  The King explains.The derby gets its name from the main sight in the famous Italian city, the Virgin Mary statue, located on the top of the cathedral church Duomo. The statue is often called the 'Madonnina', which translated to English means 'Little Madonna'.

The first 'Derby della Madonnina' was played in January of 1909. The two teams have since officially met over two hundred times.

Both AC Milan and Inter Milan share the beautiful San Siro Stadium, also known as Stadiu Giuseppe Meazza.

The Milan derby has over the years become a major football event in Italy, attracting a world-wide audience. It has become a sporting tradition.