Definition of Deflategate

What is the definition of the term "Deflategate"? What was "Deflategate"?

"Deflategate" was a scandal that involved the greatest quarterback of all time (Tom Brady) and one of the greatest NFL francises of all time (the New England Patriots).

"Deflategate" was a controversy that occurrede in the 2014 AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts.

The King explains the Deflategate Scandal involving Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.The allegations were that Tom Brady had ordered the deliberate deflation of the footballs used in the game.

A deflated football is easier to grip and throw. In 2014, the rules stated that teams could use their own balls while on offense, so if the Patriots did deliberate deflate their footballs, the Colts wouldn't have benefited.

Official rules state that the balls used in a game must be inflated to 12.5 to 13.5 pounds per square inch.


Reportedly, the Colts had played the Patriots earlier in the season and had become aware of the possibility that the Patriots were playing with underinflated footballs after the Colts intercepted Tom Brady and were able to handle a ball.

The NFL would investigate, ultimately hiring Manhattan attorney Ted Wells to investigate and release a report on the matter.

The report alleged that the balls that the Patriots' offense were using were greatly underinflated in comparison to the balls that the Colts' offense had been using.

Text messages involving Patriots' employees and video evidence were also used by the NFL to come to the conclusion that Tom Brady was guilty of either ordering for the deflation of the footballs or at least being aware of it.


The NFL would ultimately suspend Brady for four games, while also fining the Patriots $1 million and stripping the team of two draft picks.

After some legal wrangling, Brady would ultimately accept the suspension.