Definition of Cleanup Hitter

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What does the term "cleanup hitter" mean in the world of baseball? What is meant by the term "cleanup hitter"?

In baseball, the term "cleanup hitter" is given to the batter that hits fourth in the line-up.

What is the meaning of the term Cleanup Hitter when it comes to baseball?  In photo: Player hitting the ball.The "clean-up hitter" is almost always the team's power hitter that has the highest likelihood of hitting a home run or extra base hit.

The term "clean-up hitter" is given as this batter will attempt to "clean up" by cashing in the runners that are currently on base. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd batters are usually very good at the plate as well, and the thought is that there will likely be somebody on base when the "clean-up hitter" gets to the plate.


The "clean-up hitter" usually fits this mold:

-first baseman or designated hitter
-high home run totals
-high RBI totals
-power hitter