Definition of Ciudad Real Madrid

Real Madrid is one of the richest, most famous and well supported clubs in the world of football. One of the ways it got to this point was to have extremely advanced training facilities.

What is the Ciudad Real Madrid.  Explained.Officially opened in 2005, the Ciudad Real Madrid (or Valdebebas as it's known to the players and staff) replaced the old training facilities of Ciudad Deportiva. The complex deserves the "City" part of its name, as the complex is absolutely massive. Only 270,000 square meters has been developed of the 1.2 million square meters available at the complex.

The complex is made up of staff offices, equipment rooms, youth offices, audio-visual rooms, and strength and training facilities. These last facilities include 12 full sized fields for both the senior and youth teams. That's not even mentioning the medical area, which has treatment rooms, examination rooms, a hydrotherapy area and more. The city also hosts the Alfredo di Stefano stadium (named after the Real Madrid legend), which hosts Real's reserve team Castilla.

In terms of luxury, it doesn't get much better than the first-team residential building. There are 57 different rooms within the first and second floors, each with their own lounge area and terrace. It has a cinema, rest area, reception, several common terraces and a dining room able to host 54 people.

There's a reason Real Madrid appeals to so many players, and it's not just for the history of the club. They have some of the best facilities in the world and the Ciudad Real Madrid is the perfect example of that.