Definition of Castilla

Real Madrid Castilla Club de Futbol (or simply just Castilla) is Real Madrid's reserve team. While it plays in the same league system as the senior side, it cannot be promoted into the same division as the parent side. It doesn't have the same reputation as Barcelona's developmental side, but Castilla has helped lead some players into the main squad during its time.

The club was originally named AD Plus Ultra and became a Real Madrid reserve team in 1952. They went through a name switch to Castilla CF, finding a lot of success (and even winning the Segunda Division) until the 90s. They then went through another name switch to Real Madrid B, until 2005 when they got their current name of Real Madrid Castilla.

As a club, Castilla haven't had the most successful recent years. They've spent 19 seasons in the third-tier of the Spanish football and only 10 in the second one. However, as a team that produces players for the first team, they've done a rather spectacular job. Some of the best players of the 2000s came from Castilla, including Raul, Guti and club legend Iker Casillas. Some of the more recent graduates from the academy who are playing either for are the parent club or out on loan at other top clubs are Nacho, Alvaro Morata, Lucas Vazquez, Sergio Reguilon, Oscar Rodriguez and Achraf Hakimi.

For a club that isn't destined for silverware in the top flight, Castilla has done pretty well for themselves. They can claim Spanish champions like Juan Mata and Iker Casillas as having come from their system, even if the former never played for Real Madrid. Not what most people picture when they think of a football club, but not everything has to be traditional.