Definition of Bumper Deal

What is the meaning of a Bumper Deal in the world of football?

By definition, a bumper means something extraordinarily large, abundant or full.

The meaning of the term Bumper Deal - King Football DictionaryA bumper deal in football is an agreement between a football club and one of the top players (or managers) to sign a lucrative new contract or extend the existing one while increasing their salary in the process.

For example, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho recently signed a bumper deal with the club, which will extend his stay at Stamford Bridge for additional four years (until June 2019). In exchange, Mourinho, who led his team to the English Premier League title last season, is to receive a very large annual salary.

Bumper deals are common between clubs and their rising stars. In such a deal the player benefits from an immediate increase in salary, while the club's benefit is increased player commitment, which adds stability to the team and enables them to plan for the future.