Definition of Bet365 Boxing

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Bet365 has been the main site that I've been with since 2011.

I love betting on boxing, and Bet365 is the place where I do it.

This is a small guide when it comes to betting on boxing on Bet365 specifically.

Before I bet on a big fight, I log into my Bet365 account and make sure that I have enough money to bet on the fight. If I need a top-up, I choose one of the many different deposit options that are available to me.

Placing bets on the sport of boxing at Bet365?  Here are the ins and outs.After I have logged in, I click on "Boxing/MMA" to take me to the latest boxing odds.

If there is a big boxing match going on in the world, Bet365 will almost surely offer odds on it.

Next up, I need to figure out what type of bet I want to make with them.

Do I want to just bet on the winner straight up? Do I want to do an over/under in terms of how long the fight lasts? Do I want to get fancy and pick the winner and the round that they will win in?

In most cases, I'll do a straight up wager on who I think will win the fight.

For instance, if Tyson Fury is fighting Deontay Wilder and I think that Fury will win the fight, I'll do a straight up bet on Fury. These odds might look like this:

Tyson Fury, 1.45
Deontay Wilder, 3.25

So, in this case, a successful £100 wager on Fury would yield a total profit of £45 if he were to win the fight.

Let's say that I'm not necessarily sure who will win, but I'm sure that the fight will go the distance.

In this case, I'd either want to bet on the fight going OVER the over/under line (which might be set at something like 10.5 rounds), or I might be want to bet on the fight going the distance.

Bet365 will also offer the ability to pick the winner and the round that they will in.

So, if I think that Fury will win in the 5th round, I can bet on that. If I think that Wilder will win in the 7th round, I can also bet on that.

You can also just bet on who will win AND how they will win. So, those odds might look like this on Bet365:

Fury by KO, TKO or DQ, 1.95
Wilder by KO, TKO or DQ, 3.45
Fury by Decision or Technical Decision, 5.50
Wilder by Decision or Technical Decision, 11.00
Draw, 35.00

These types of wagers are good if you aren't sure when somebody will win the fight.


Bet365 offers a bunch of different odds on combat sports, including boxing and the UFC.

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather, Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley and Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder (I, II and III) are just some of the fights that I've bet on through Bet365.