Definition of Asian Handicap

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What does the term "Asian Handicap" mean in the world of sports betting? What is the definition of the term "Asian Handicap"?

"Asian handicap" is similar to the spread in NFL football or the "puck line" in NHL betting.

With the "Asian handicap", the underdog is given "extra" goals or points, while the favourite has goals or points taken away from them.

What is the meaning of the betting term Asian Handicap when it comes to sports such as soccer.For instance:

Let's say that Man City is playing host to Arsenal. Manchester City, which is one of the best teams in the world, is the clear favourite to win.

Now, the Asian Handicap line might look like this:

Man City, -1.5, 1.94
Arsenal, +1.5, 1.99

This means that the game is essentially starting with a score of:

Man City, 0
Arsenal, +1.5

So, if you bet Arsenal +1.5 and they end up losing 2-1, you would still win your wager, as the Asian Handicap "score" would be:

Man City, 2
Arsenal, 2.5

Or, if you took Man City -1.5 and they end up winning by a score of 2-0, you would win your bet.

The Asian Handicap essentially establishes a "spread" and largely takes away the possibility of a draw result.

If you believe that Man City is going to crush Arsenal, you would want to take Man City -1.5, as you would get much better odds compared to a straight outright betting line.

If you believe that the game will be close but that Arsenal might not win outright, you would want to take Arsenal +1.5 to win.