Definition of Alternative Total 2-Way

What does the term "alternative total 2-way" mean? What is meant by the term "alternative total 2-way"?

The meaning of the betting term Alternative Total 2-way is explained.  Sports King Dictionary.The alternative total 2-way line is used in a number of different sports, though it has the most popular with NFL bettors.

When bookmakers set lines for a game, they will assign odds for each team or player to win straight up (or draw), plus they will assign a total number of points for the game.

For instance, if the New England Patriots play the New York Jets, the bookmakers might say that the total for the game is 41.5 points.

With the "alternative total 2-way" line, you can increase or decrease the total number of points that you wish to bet on in a game. As a result, the odds will increase or decrease as well.

For instance - let's say that you believe that the Patriots/Jets game will be a high-scoring affair. You pick an alternative total 2-way line that looks like this:

53.5 points, +600

You decide to bet $100 on the over.

This means that if the Patriots and Jets combine for 54 points or more, you will win a total profit of $600 on your wager.

This would obviously be a big payout, though the game would have to go almost two touchdowns over the Las Vegas total, which seems quite unlikely.

This is the alternative total 2-way.