Definition of 1st Player Booked

What does the term "1st player booked" mean? What is meant by the term "1st player booked"?

When betting on football, the "1st player booked" line allows you to bet on which player will be booked first.

Argentina player getting booked by the referee.  Yellow card.  What is the meaning of 1st player booked?  What type of a bet is it?"Booking" is when a player receives a yellow card and their name is entered into a little book that the referees carries.


Here is an example of a "1st player booked" line:

Phil Jagielka, 9.00
Sam Clucas, 10.00
Demeaco Duhaney, 11.00
Ben Wilmot, 11.00
Jacob Brown, 11.00


You obviously want to devise some sort of strategy for betting on these lines, such as analyzing which players historically have the most bookings per game, as well as which players tend to play in the most aggressive manners.

You might also want to focus on the players who tend to lose their tempers the quickest, as these players often find themselves getting booked by the referees.


"1st player booked" lines often have very generous payouts, as you are betting on the player from BOTH teams that is booked first, which makes it quite difficult to get correct.