Definition of 1st Inning Runs

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What does the term "1st inning runs" mean in the world of baseball betting? What is meant by the term "1st inning runs"?

In baseball betting, the "1st inning runs" line is very straightforward, as you are betting on whether or not the number of first inning runs will go over or under a certain total.

Baseball term 1st Inning Runs meaning is explained.  In photo:  Blue Jays pitcher in action.For instance, a 1st inning runs line might look like this:

1.5 Runs

Over 1.5 Runs, 2.85
Under 1.5 Runs, 1.43

So, if you believe that the starting pitcher for either team will have a rough first inning, you'd want to bet on the Over 1.5 Runs line.

If you believe that both teams tend to start slow, you'd probably want the Under line.

It should be noted that it doesn't matter which team scores (or doesn't score) - it's the combined total of the two teams that counts.

So, if you take the Over 1.5 Runs line and the Yankees score 2 runs at the top of the first inning, you win your bet, regardless of what the Toronto Blue Jays do.