Definition of 1st Drive Result Granular

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What does the term "1st Drive Result Granular" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by the term "1st drive result granular"?

With the traditional "1st drive result" line, you can bet on the result of the first drive of the game being a touchdown, punt, field goal attempt or "other".

The King explains the meaning of the American football betting term 1st Drive Result Granular.  What is it?With the "1st drive result granular" line, the "other" results are broken down further, allowing you to bet on any possible outcome of the first drive.

For instance, a 1st drive result granular line might look like this:

Punt, +120
Passing Touchdown, +425
Interception, +1100
Turnover on Downs or Safety, +1400
Field Goal Made, +425
Rushing Touchdown, +600
Fumble Lost, +1300
Field Goal Missed, +1800

As you can see, you can bet on increasingly unlikely outcomes of the first drive of the game, such as a missed field goal or lost fumble.

If you decided to bet $100 on the "field goal missed" line and that outcome ended up taking place on the first drive of the game, you would walk away with a staggering $1,800 in profit.