Definition of 18 Yard Box

What is the 18-yard-box in the game of football / soccer? What is it used for?

The 18-yard-box, also known as the penalty area or just the box, is a rectangular area found on each end of the football pitch, encompassing the surface 18 yards (16.5 meters) in front of the goal and 18 yards to each side of the goal.

There are several uses for the 18-yard-box in the game of football. It is an area where goalkeepers can handle the ball with their hands. It is an area where fouls committed on attacking players, more often than not, become penalty kicks.

The meaning and use of the 18 Yard Box in the game of soccer.  Kings Sports Dictionary - Definition.

Inside of the 18-yard-box, adjacent to the goal, is the 6-yard-box. This is where the goal kicks are taken from. Inside the 18-yard-box is also the penalty spot, located 12 yards away from the goal line. While the penalty is being taken only the penalty taker and the goalie are allowed to be present in the 18-yard-box. There is also an arc of a circle centered on the penalty spot with a radius of 10 yards that extends the 18-yard-box during penalty kicks.

The 18-yard-box is where the most exciting action usually takes place in the game of football. This is where the most goals are scored from and a place where player senses are heightened to the maximum. Things in the box can happen in a blink of an eye. A goal, an amazing save, an irrational foul and not to forget, frequent pushing, shoving and pulling among players.

When the ball is in the 18-yard-box, everyone pays attention.