Mlkvy's Record Will Almost Certainly Never Be Broken

Published on November 23rd, 2023 12:52 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

The story of Bill Mlkvy and his record in college basketball. On March 3rd, 1951, Bill Mlkvy (The Owl With No Vowels, as he was sometimes called) set a college basketball record that will almost certainly never be broken.

During a game with Temple, Mlkvy scored 54 STRAIGHT POINTS for his team.

To give you some context as to this record, Trae Young scored 16 straight points for his college basketball team and it was considered a very big deal.

54 straight points in this day and age? Impossible.


In 1951, Mlkvy was a junior at Temple and in his first year of dental school.

Mlkvy was a very, very good player.

During the 1950-51 season, Mlkvy would lead the nation in scoring (29.2 PPG), while finishing in second place in both rebounds and assists.

Mlkvy was obviously the key cog of the Temple basketball team, and the ball would usually go through him on the offensive end.

On March 3rd, 1951, the Temple Owls squared off against Wilkes College.

Now, Wilkes College wasn't a D1 school, but that doesn't make Mlkvy's performance any less impressive.

During a long stretch of the game, Mlkvy would score 54 straight points for his team.

During that stretch, his teammates wouldn't even muster one free throw.

Mlkvy was absolutely dominating, and Wilkes College could do nothing to stop him. Every time Temple walked the ball down the court, they'd give it to Mlkvy, who would score.

Wilkes College was flummoxed, but nothing they could do could stop the Mlkvy onslaught.

By the end of the game, Temple had walked away with a 99-69 victory, and Mlkvy had entered the record books with a nearly unbreakable record.


Mlkvy had a very short stint in the NBA, as he served for six years in the Korean War after finishing his schooling.

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