Junior dos Santos vs Alistair Overeem Odds UFC 160

Published on February 27th, 2013 2:15 pm EST
Alistair Overeem is scheduled to take on Junior dos Santos in the co-main event of UFC 160: Velasquez vs Silva II on May 25th, 2013.

Both Overeem and dos Santos are looking to rebound after disappointing losses. Overeem was knocked out by Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva at UFC 156, while dos Santos dropped his title to Cain Velasquez at UFC 155.

Overeem and dos Santos are the two best strikers in the UFC's Heavyweight division, which means that the fight will likely end in a spectacular knockout. In addition, Overeem and dos Santos have a genuine dislike for each other, as the two men were originally supposed to square off at UFC 146 before Overeem was forced to withdraw after testing positive for elevated levels of testosterone. This led to a great deal of back and forth between Overeem and dos Santos in the media.

Both men turned in disappointed performances in their last fights, and it will be interesting to see how each fighter responds.


As of this moment, Junior dos Santos is a favorite to beat Alistair Overeem at UFC 160. Here are the current betting odds:

Alistair Overeem, +180
Junior dos Santos, -260

These odds mean that a successful $100 bet on Overeem would yield a total profit of $180, while a $260 bet on Junior dos Santos would return a total profit of $100.


The winner of Overeem/dos Santos will likely get the next shot at the Heavyweight title, while the loser will be looking at two straight losses.

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