Definition of Soccer City

The 2010 World Cup is often looked back on fondly, as it was the first African nation to host the competition. It took place at many stadiums around the country, though none were more famous than the FNB Stadium, known as "Soccer City".

The First National Bank Stadium has developed many names over its history. It was opened as the FNB Stadium due to naming rights deal with the bank, but FIFA doesn't allow for sponsored names during their event. Thus, the name Soccer City was used. However, the stadium has also come to be referred to as the "Calabash" due to its resemblance of the African pot of the same name.

Iconic South African stadium Soccer City - Dictionary entry.  Meaning of the term.Soccer City is home of both the South African national team and the Kaizer Chiefs F.C. The stadium underwent major renovations for the aforementioned 2010 World Cup, with the capacity having been raised to 94,736 from the previous 80,000. It has played host to 2 African Cup of Nations finals, which South Africa won in 1996.

The Calabash has been used for other events besides football. Rugby has been played there as recently as 2016, while concerts are common too. Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Foo Fighters and more have made appearances. The stadium was also the site of Nelson Mandela's last public appearance and the venue for his memorial service in 2013.

With a unique design that celebrates African culture, the FNB Stadium is one of the most unique in the world. It has played its part in history, with so many important events happening there. Regardless of which name it goes by, it most certainly deserves a spot as one of the top stadiums in the world.