Definition of Show Bet

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What does the term "show bet" mean in the world of horse racing? What is meant by the term "show bet"?

In horse racing, a "show bet" is when you simply bet on whether or not a horse will finish in the top 3.

The meaning of the betting term Show Bet is explained when it comes to horse racing.  What is it?So, with a show bet, if your horse finishes in first, second OR third, you will win your bet.


Let's look at an example.

You bet on your favourite horse, "Pericles", to show. Your sportsbook is giving you 2.5 odds on Pericles to show in the race.

You put down £100 pounds on Pericles to show.

"Pericles" runs a great race, losing out at the last moment to the eventual winner, "Thunderstruck".

That's OK, however, as you bet on "Pericles" to show. So, all Pericles had to do was finish in the top three, and you would have won your bet.

As mentioned, your odds for this bet would be 2.5.

So, you'd receive £250 back from the sportsbook - your original £100 stake would be returned, as well as £150 in total profit.


This is the "show bet".