Definition of Receptions H2H

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What does the term "receptions H2H" mean in the world of sports betting, more specifically, betting on football? What does the term "receptions H2H" mean?

With the "receptions H2H" line, you can bet on which of the two players listed will have the most receptions in a game.

The Sports King explains the meaning of the term Receptions H2H when it comes to betting on football.  What is it?For instance, let's take a real example.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are squaring off against the Cleveland Browns on Thursday Night Football.

Your sportsbook is offering a number of "receptions H2H" lines, including this one:

Amari Cooper, -220
Chase Claypool, +165

So, you are simply betting on which player will have the most receptions over the course of the game.

In this case, you can clearly see that Amari Cooper is the favourite to haul in the most receptions, as you would need to bet $220 on him to win a total of $100 in profit back.

A $100 bet on Chase Claypool, on the other hand, will yield a total profit of $165 if he pulls in the most receptions.


The "receptions H2H" line is another way to bet on a game if you don't have a particular feeling about who is going to win.

If you follow players very closely, you can usually find some good value betting on wide receivers that are either hot or cold.