Definition of Game in Hand

What is the meaning of the term 'game in hand' when it comes to sports?

The meaning of the sports term Game in Hand is explained.  What is it exactly?If a sports team has a game in hand, this means that in a league competition it has played one less game then a team that it is being compared to. For example, if Arsenal FC is fifth in the English Premier League table having played 10 out of 38 league matches and Tottenham Hotspur is in the number four spot 1 point ahead but having played 11 games already, it is then said that Arsenal has a game in hand compared to Tottenham.

In most cases a game in hand is considered an advantage as the team has one extra chance to earn points and climb the league table rankings. In the example above, if Arsenal wins its next game, it will rank above Tottenham after 11 matches played.

A team can also have two games in hand and sometimes even three or more games in hand.