Definition of Corner Match Bet

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What does the term "corner match bet" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by the "corner match bet" line?

In football betting, the "corner match bet" line is when you bet on which team will end up with the most corner kicks in a single game.

The betting term Corner Match Bet is explained.  What is it and how does it work?For instance, a real "corner match bet" line would look like this:

Birmingham, 1.57
Tie, 7.00
Peterborough, 3.00

So, if you think that Peterborough has a good chance of ending up with more corner kicks than Birmingham, you'd want to take the Peterborough line at 3.00, which would end up tripling your money if you were correct.


In most cases, the better team will end up with the highest number of corner kicks, as they are still more time in the opponent's end and controlling the ball more.


It's important to note that this bet get a bit tricky due to the "Tie" part of the line.

So, if you bet on Birmingham to have the most corner kicks and the teams end up with 5 corners each at the end of the match, you would lose your bet.

If you want to avoid this outcome, you'd need to look at an Asian Handicap corners line instead, which removes the possibility of a tie.