2020 World Junior Hockey Betting

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The 2020 edition of the World Junior Hockey Championships is set to get underway in the Czech Republic on December 26th.

The tournament will have two host cities and will be played at the Ostravar Arena and Werk Arena in the Czech Republic. This will be the fourth time that the Czech Republic will have hosted the event.

This will be the 44th running of the World Junior Championships - Canada leads the way with a total of 17 titles, though other countries, namely the United States, have caught up in recent years.

The defending champions are from Finland, and they have to be seen as one of the dark horses to win the tournament again.

The majority of the World Junior Championship tournaments are held in either the United States or Canada, so hosting the tournament in the Czech Republic should give a boost to some of the European teams in the event.


Canada is the current favourite to win the tournament, though the teams from the United States, Russia and Sweden are close behind. Here are the current outright betting odds as of this moment, courtesy of Bet365:

Source: Bet365
Time Stamp: December 26th, 2019 1:47 am EST
Odds Subject to Change

Canada, 3.00
USA, 4.00
Russia, 5.00
Sweden, 5.75
Finland, 8.00
Czech Republic, 21.00
Switzerland, 51.00
Slovakia, 67.00
Germany, 101.00
Kazakhstan, 151.00

Here are the initial lines for the first four games of the tournament:

Czech Republic, 3.40
Russia, 1.32

Switzerland, 1.10
Kazakhstan, 7.25

Canada, 1.80
USA, 1.95

Sweden, 1.52
Finland, 2.50


Canada, the US, Russia and Sweden will all be looking to batter each other, though this may provide an opportunity for a team like Finland to slide in and win it all, as we saw last year.