Conor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone Betting Odds

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According to the UFC, the current plan for Conor McGregor is to have the former Featherweight and Lightweight champ fight Donald Cerrone.

There was a rumor that this fight would be taking place in January at UFC 246, though the promotion hasn’t announced anything solid as of yet.

As of right now, the plan seems to be for McGregor to fight Cerrone in the main event of UFC 246 on January 18th.


A fight against Cerrone is tailor-made for McGregor, as Cerrone is a notoriously slow starter who has trouble against southpaws.

McGregor is a southpaw fighter who always gets off to extremely quick starts, and he possesses some of the best power in the Lightweight division.

If there was ever a fight that was a good match-up for McGregor, Cerrone is it.


This shows up in the current betting odds for the fight, where McGregor is a clear favourite to win.

Here are the current betting odds:

Conor McGregor, -190
Donald Cerrone, +150

Of the fights that could legitimately involve McGregor at this point (Khabib, Ferguson, Gaethje, Cerrone), a match-up against Cerrone gives McGregor by far the best odds of winning.

That isn’t to say that Cerrone isn’t a potentially dangerous threat. After all, Cerrone has tremendous kick-boxing and is very good on the ground.

With that being said, Cerrone is an older fighter with many miles on him, and, as mentioned, has trouble against southpaws and is a slow starter. In addition, Cerrone seems to underperform in really big fights, and the fight against McGregor will be the biggest of them all.

Cerrone will need to weather the early storm from McGregor and try to wear down the Irishman in the later rounds of the fight.


Mixed martial arts is, without a doubt, one of the most unpredictable sports in the world. After all, you can be absolutely dominating in a fight, only to have your lights turned out by one punch.

This is likely the reason why sports bettors love the UFC so much - underdogs always seem like they have a chance of paying off, even when the underdog seems like they have no chance of winning.

When it comes to the UFC or mixed martial arts in general, there are multiple ways to bet on the fights.

You can bet on who you think will win.

You can bet on how long you think that the fight will last.

You can bet on how the fight will end.

You can bet on the exact round that the fight will end in.

There are countless ways to bet on the UFC.

Sometimes the fights will be really close on papers, with oddsmakers assigning a coin flip probability to either fighter to win.

Other times, the result of the fight is not seen as being in doubt at all, with some fighters massive favourites when they step inside of the Octagon.

One thing is for sure - there is definitely an edge to be gained in mixed martial arts betting, and that comes via a detailed knowledge of the fighters, especially those that are fighting on the preliminary cards. This is where the real money is made for serious mixed martial arts gamblers.