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I have tried many different sports books over the years.

Many sports books offered the world but didn't deliver on their promise. Sure, most of these sports books had their strong points, but none of the sports books that I tried could pull it all together.

In 2011, I decided to try out Bet365, which had been recommended to me by a friend. Bet365 seemed to offer everything that I wanted - in addition to a bustling sports book, they also offered online poker and online casino action. It seemed perfect!

I was skeptical after my less-than-perfect experiences with other sports books, though Bet365 would end up blowing away my expectations.

To start: the sign-up process was extremely easy. After asking a few questions, Bet365 processed my application and sent me an email to confirm my account. Within less than five minutes, I had become a registered user of the site.

Now I had to make a deposit in order to jump into the action. This was also made extremely easy by the fact that Bet365 offered a number of different deposit options that were available to me. In the end, I ended up using Mastercard and it was processed with no issues by my bank.

Now I had an account that was fully funded and I was ready to go. From the start of the sign-up process to depositing took me no more than 10 minutes. In addition, somebody from Bet365 emailed me to ask if I had any questions at all about the process.

I was really wanted to bet on some football, so I took a look at Bet365's massive offerings. It was a dream for a footy like myself - I could bet on the English Premier League, Champions League and any number of other leagues across the world.

Fan at a stadium - Celebrating a win at an online sportsbook perhaps.

In addition, other sports that I enjoy betting on, including American football, tennis and golf, were also available to bet on.

As I was looking for a game to wager on, I noticed something called "In-play betting". This is when you are able to actually place bets on a game AFTER the game has already gotten underway.

So, in my case, I wanted to bet on the Manchester City vs Manchester United game, though it had already started. Man Utd had gotten out to a quick 1-0 lead, though I believed that Man City would end up winning the game. I decided to bet on Man City to win at greatly enhanced odds (due to the fact that they were already behind in the game), and Bet365 made this available to me. Awesome!

While the game was going on, I looked around at the rest of the site's offerings and was blown away. Bet365 was offering me a full suite of games, ranging from sports betting to bingo to online casino games such as blackjack, roulette and slots. I could cancel my trip to Las Vegas - there was no longer any need!

After winning on some sports games, I decided to make a withdrawal to test things out. While my withdrawal was being processed, I sent an email to the Bet365 customer service team to see how fast they would respond to a query. Much to my surprise, they responded within the hour. Even better - my withdrawal would end up being processed almost immediately. Ok - Bet365 was off to a great start.

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Over the years, Bet365 has continued to be my "go-to" option for sports betting. I have had other accounts, though I will always come back to Bet365 when I need to put down a wager on a big game.

In my opinion, Bet365's reputation is second to none and for good reason. With their great mix of strong product offerings, mobile support (you can use your Android or iOS devices at Bet365) and great customer service, Bet365 is more than a tick ahead of the rest.

In my opinion, Bet365 is the strongest sports betting offering around and is my best choice if you are looking to sign up for an account.