Sports Clubs / Ultras: Liverpool - Urchins

Liverpool FC is one of the most supported teams in world football. Their past history of success has led to many fans supporting the Reds who play at Anfield. A number of supporter groups have been formed around the world, including those that are more prone to hooliganism.

Perhaps the most famous of these hooligan groups were the Liverpool FC Urchins. The group has been at fault for multiple clashes with other fans in recent history, although their site seems to have been discontinued in order to stomp out hooliganism. Seemingly the most notable incident in the last few years came in 2014 when a couple of Urchins fought Manchester United fans.

The other major group that can be classified as hooligans is the R.R.S. Runcorn Riot Squad. Again, there doesn't appear to be too much information on specific clashes with this group, but it is recognized as one of the supporter firms with a history of hooliganism.

One of the biggest incidents that Liverpool supporters were ever involved in was the 1985 Heysel Stadium disaster. Liverpool fans were put in a corner as their team played Juventus, with the two fan groups clashing. Liverpool fans overpowered the police and broke the chains, charging the Juventus fans when a wall collapsed. 39 Juventus fans died.

Of course, there was also the famous Hillsborough disaster of 1989, where 96 Liverpool fans died as a result of overcrowding. However, this was not the fault of any Liverpool hooligans, but rather the South Yorkshire Police.

Organized hooliganism in Liverpool seems to have largely been left in the past, which is for the best. Yet, that does not stop over 200 officially recognized supporters groups around the globe from supporting the Merseyside team.


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