Sports Clubs / Ultras: Real Madrid - Ultras Sur

It seems that the largest Spanish teams have a habit of developing right-wing ultras and then banning them. Such was the case with Barcelona's Boixos Nois and the same is true of Real Madrid's own group of ultras: the Ultras Sur.

This group of supporters formed in the late 1980s and shared the common trait of other dedicated supporter groups by forming large performances of choreographed support. Banners, flares and chants that shook the stadium were common. The Ultras Sur are extremely right wing, as they view the fascist leader General Francisco Franco as their idol. Their main symbol is a medieval axe (reminiscent of Italy's symbol of fasces) and the group have been frequently found guilty of racist chanting against opponents.

The Ultras Sur have developed an alliance between other right wing groups, including Lazio's Irriducibili, Olympique Lyonnais' Bad Gones and ultras from Hellas Verona and Lodz in Poland. Their fiercest rivalries are with supporters of Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. The former is based on both football and the cultural tensions between Castille and the Catalan region of Spain, while the latter is based on Atletico's close proximity in the capital.

For a long time, the Ultras Surs were supported by the club. Jose Mourinho defended them and their loud support after a 7-1 victory over Osasuna. The Ultras Surs were banned from attending games in 2014 by Real Madrid President Florentino Perez and replaced with a new group - Grada Fans RMCF. While the Ultras Surs have found their way back into the southern side of the stadium, they are no longer at the front to display the racist chants and harassments.

Whether or not the Ultras Surs will continue to be relevant is questionable. However, they should be acknowledged as part of Real Madrid's past and present, with all the negatives that comes with that.


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