Sports Clubs / Ultras: Crvena Zvezda - Delije

"Delije". The name has become renowned in Europe for the scenes of chaos and passion that are created. This is the name given to the ultras who support Red Star Belgrade football club and the various multi-sports clubs spawned off of it.

These ultras are often seen as the most violent and aggressive in Europe, being brutal and uncaring. However, there is more behind this storied group amidst a region that has suffered such hardships over the last century. After the breakup of Yugoslavia and the subsequent conflicts in the region, fans travelling around the region frequently came into conflicts with those of other teams In 1990, members of the Delije formed the base of the Serb Volunteer Guard, a paramilitary unit that fought in the Yugoslav wars.

The local rivalry against Partizan Belgrade has led to thousands of arrests, furious fights and even deaths in some cases. The capital knows no other experience when these two teams play. The fans were first exposed to Europe at large as the club won the 1990-91 European Cup, beating giants like Bayern Munich and Marseille.

Delije as a name (the plural of delija) began to be adopted in the late 1980s, as the groups that adopted the north stand of the Marakana (Red Star's stadium) unified. These groups included the Red Devils, Ultras and Zulu Warriors. The club itself acknowledges the Delije group by putting the name in large block letters in the section where the group stays.

The Delije retain their reputation as one of the most passionate fan bases in Europe and for good reason. Even while their club has fallen out of the European spotlight, their unrivaled fierceness and desire to show up to games against Partizan displays all the faith and hope they put into their team.


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