Sports Clubs / Ultras: Barcelona - Boixos Nois

The ultra supporter group of Barcelona has undergone one of the most interesting transformations in one of the shortest amount of time since being formed in 1981. They are called the Boixos Nois (or Crazy Boys), and switched from being a socialist and left-leaning organization to one characterized by violence and fascism.

As mentioned, they were founded in 1981 by 50 fans who identified with Catalan independence and leftist socialism. They consistently demanded the resignation of president Josep Nunez, who was seen as authoritarian. However, as time went on, a large group of skinheads joined the group, quickly transitioning it to a group of neo-fascists.

Groups increasingly began getting involved in violence and other criminal activities. In 1991, a Boixos member murdered a supporter of Espanyol, while in 2010 members were arrested on the charge of stealing drugs from Moroccan and Colombian drug traffickers. In 2014, they stabbed 2 supporters of Paris Saint-Germain. Although not criminal, they threw a severed pig's head when Luis Figo returned to Camp Nou when playing for arch-rivals Real Madrid in 2000.

During Joan Gaspart's brief period as president between Joan Laporta and Nunez's presidencies, he publicly sympathized with them and claimed that he would join them upon leaving his position. When Laporta won in 2003, he banned the Boixos Nois from the stadium and withdrew any sort of privileges they previously had. The group reacted by painting death threats on his house and even attacking him.

While the Boixos are officially banned, they will still gather behind Barcelona's northern goal, display Catalan nationalist flags and even those with Nazi symbols during matches. Clearly the Boixos are still around and will continue their affiliation with the club (whether positive or negative) for a while yet.


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