Sports Nicknames - Wemby

Victor Wembanyama is a French professional basketball player who is regarded as the top international prospect as he enters the world of NBA.

The French basketball prospect Victor Wembanyama, nicknamed Wemby - Profile illustration.  Athlete drawing.  Avatar art.

Nicknamed "Wemby", which is a shorthand for his last name, Victor Wembanyama is a superstar in France, where he competed and dominated against professionals much older than him.

He is off to the United States next, most likely to the San Antonio Spurs, as they have the first choice in the upcoming draft.

Wembanyama, plays in the forward position and is known for his height, agility, and shot-blocking abilities.

It is a consensus in the basketball world that Wemby is the biggest talent to enter the league since Lebron James joined in 2003.


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