Sports Nicknames - Lightning Bolt

Usain St Leo Bolt is a name known across the world. It is associated with the very idea of speed itself. The sprinter is the only one to have won gold at the 100 and 200 m races at 3 consecutive Olympics. Unsurprisingly, Bolt's speed and name have combined to produce the nickname "Lightning Bolt", which he has fully embraced.


At the age of 15, Bolt was already making waves on the sprinting scene. He won the 200 m race, making him the youngest gold medallist in that race ever. By 2004, Bolt was a big prospect in the racing world and turned professional. His first Olympic appearance in 2004 was ruined by an injury and early elimination, but Bolt would return.

It was the 2008 Olympics that Usain Bolt would show his true prominence. Earlier that year, he had set the world record for 100 m. Yet, he would break his own record at 9.69 seconds even with an untied shoe and slowing down to celebrate.

Usain Bolt's success would not slow down. He would go on to win 21 of the 26 races and relays he would run over the next 8 years. 3 of these were DQs or DNF finishes, with only 2 being 2nd or 3rd positions.

Bolt's famous "Lightning Bolt" pose is now a worldwide symbol of the Jamaican's speed and success. A fan of the football team Manchester United, Bolt tried to even play for the Australian club Central Coast Mariners, but that didn't go anywhere.

Regardless of what Bolt does now, he has left his mark on the sport of sprinting. He has 19 Guinness World Records and 23 gold medals across his various sport events. Usain "Lighting" Bolt is one of the greatest athletes of all time, and certainly the best sprinter.


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