Sports Nicknames - Tiger

Is there a more famous golfer than THE Tiger Woods? The world's most famous golfer and perhaps the greatest of all time has set record after record since he began his professional career in 1996. Because of this, he has picked up the obvious nickname of the "GOAT", but also those like "Mr. T" and simply "Tiger".

Tiger Woods - One of the best golfers of all time.  Profile illustration.  Art.  Drawing.

Tiger started his pro career in 1996 and immediately started turning heads, winning the Masters at the ripe age of 21. He quickly rose to the No. 1 position in the Official World Golf Rankings, finishing with 8 wins in '99. His dominance would continue throughout the 2000s, winning 12 major competitions between 2000 and 2008. This included 3 PGA Championships, 3 Masters, 2 US Opens and 3 Open Championships. He even won 4 of those in a row after winning the 2001 Masters, which became a feat known as the "Tiger Slam".

Tiger's career took a bit of a dive in 2009. It was revealed that there were marital infidelities and large mass media attention on him, with none of it positive. Other factors kept him from returning to his best, such as repeated back injuries in 2015. It would actually be until 2019 that Woods would recapture a major tournament, finding success at the Masters.

The most recent event of Tiger Woods' career has been a car crash in February of 2021. He reportedly broke bones in both of his legs and suffered compound fractures. One can only hope that these injuries do not keep the greatest golfer of all time out of action for too long. However, at 45 and with his history of injuries, one can only wonder about the future.


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