Sports Nicknames - Super Pippo

Filippo Inzaghi is a name familiar to many fans of Italian football, with the striker being the seventh highest scorer in Italian football. He scored so many goals that he got the nickname "Super Pippo" or just "Pippo" from fans and the media.

Inzaghi bounced around clubs in Italy for the first few years, before bursting onto the scene as top scorer of Serie A at Atalanta. That got him a high profile move to Juventus, where his success would truly begin. He stayed at the club for 4 years, forming an impressive partnership with Alessandro Del Piero and Zinedine Zidane. They won the league and reached the final of the Champions League, but lost to Real Madrid.

Famous soccer nickname: Super Pippo - Filippo Inzaghi - Profile illustration / drawing.  Italy.

After being benched by David Trezeguet in 2001, Inzaghi made a move to AC Milan. Knee injuries dogged him for the first couple of years, yet he still managed to score important goals and win the Champions League against Juventus. He would win the competition again in 2007, as well as another Serie A title in 2011. That would prove to be his last act, as he retired from the game in order to take up coaching in 2012.

His style of play was a distinct one, as he was almost a poacher. He wasn't very technically gifted, but he read the game so well and had such good attacking movement that he would end up scoring regardless. He famously lived on the offside line, thanks to his ability to hover right on the shoulder of the last defender without being offside.

Pippo Inzaghi is at the time of this writing coaching the club Beneveto, who just won promotion to Serie A in 2019. Whether they'll be as successful as the man leading them, that is yet to be seen.


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