Sports Nicknames - El Ferrari

Raul Gonzales Blanco was a legendary Real Madrid and Spain national team captain, one of the greatest football players of his time.

One of footballs true legends.  Raul Gonzales aka El Ferrari.  Profile illustration.  Art.  Digital drawing.

After debuting for the first team at the age of 17 in 1994, Raul spent the next 16 years at Real Madrid and is to this date the most capped player in the club's history. He won 6 La Liga titles and 3 Champions Leagues during his time playing for los blancos and was the all time leading goalscorer, until Cristiano Ronaldo broke his record.

Raul was a prolific goalscorer. He was technical, speedy and elegant. This is why he picked up the nickname "El Ferrari", referencing the famous Italian sports car with the same characteristics. Raul chased every single ball and had plenty of energy to do it with. He was a classy player who never received a red card in his career. He was humble, intelligent and he stayed out of trouble on and off the pitch. A perfect captain for club and country.


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