Sports Nicknames - Scholesy, Ginger Ninja

The retired English footballer and star of Manchester United at one point in time, Paul Scholes was often referred to by his nickname "Scholesy" by fans, teammates, and media. The nickname reflected the affection and respect that people had for him as a player and a human being.

The English footballer and Manchester United star - Paul Scholes aka Scholesy and Ginger Ninja - Player illustration.  Profile art.  Drawing.

Paul Scholes was known for his exceptional technical ability, vision and passing accuracy. Speed or athleticism were not his stroing suits, but he compensated for this with his exceptional positioning, intelligent movement, and ability to find space in the middle of the football pitch. He was also known for his tenacity, work ethic, and ability to win back the ball for his team.

In short, Paul Scholes was a highly skilled and intelligent midfielder who excelled in his ability to read the game, find space, and distribute the ball.

Paul Scholes won numerous trophies during his time at Manchester United. He was a part of the club's famous "Class of 92" youth team and went on to become one of the club's most decorated players. Some of the major trophies that he won with Manchester United include:

11 Premier League titles
2 UEFA Champions League titles
3 FA Cup titles
2 League Cup titles

Paul Scholes was also sometimes referred to as the "Ginger Ninja" by fans and the media because of his red hair and his exceptional footballing abilities. The nickname was a play on words, as "ninja" suggests stealth, skill, and agility, while "ginger" refers to his hair color. The nickname became popular during his playing days at Man United, where he was a key member of the team's midfield for many years.


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