Sports Nicknames - Wild Thing

Nick Kyrgios is a star tennis player who turned pro in 2013 at the tender age of 18. Since turning professional, there hasn't been a dull game in his career. He somehow finds a way to add to the drama of the sport, whether it be with his deft shots and dominant play or an imposing attitude on the tennis courts.

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The Early Breakthrough

Kyrgios made his Wimbledon debut in 2014 and defeated Frenchman Stephane Robert in the first round. But, his major breakthrough came in the round of 16 of the 2014 Wimbledon Championship, when he faced the, then number 1 ranked Rafael Nadal. Nadal had just won the French Open a month back and looked favorite to make it through to the Quarter Finals of another grand slam. But, the world witnessed the unexpected as the debutant Kyrgios managed to defeat Rafael Nadal in four sets to proceed to the tournament's quarter-finals. In the following year, he made it to the quarter-finals of the Australian Open, which made him the first teenager since Federer to make it to two of the Top-8 grand slam events. This showed the promise that the young and energetic Kyrgios had.

In the same year, he faced off with the tennis GOAT Roger Federer at the Madrid Open in the second round. While many expected it to be a straightforward win for the Swiss national, Kyrgios had other plans. He surprised one and all as he saved two match points before forcing a tiebreaker to defeat Roger Federer.

By now, the world had taken notice of Kyrgios' performances and talent. He had managed to beat two of the Big 3 in their first meetings.

Winning against the Big 3

In 2017, he met the Serbian Wizard Novak Djokovic at the Mexican Open. Djokovic had the records on his side, while Kyrgios had the promise and instinct to force an upset. But, it was Kyrgios' day as he defeated Novak Djokovic in straight sets to make it three in three against the Big 3. He was only the third player to beat one of the Big 3 in their first meetings.

Style of Play

He is instinctively aggressive and likes to put his foot on the pedal, whether it be with his lightning-quick serves during the matches or his ability to pick up a fight with anyone on the court. The Guardian defined his style as powerfully flamboyant, which is an acknowledgment of his insane talent. But, his aggressive instincts often put him in hot waters with pretty much everyone.

On countless occasions, he has been found having verbal bouts with his opponents, match officials, and spectators. There is no logical way to define it, but Kyrgios somehow finds a way to be unhappy about or with someone or something. That's what makes him even more special and threatening. 2019 Wimbledon saw him having confrontations with the players and officials. But, he also managed to deliver the 34th fastest serve of all time, clocking 230.1 km/h on the speed gun. The New York Times defined him as the player with the 'foulest mouth' in the game.


His aggressive and expressive nature makes him a real showman on the tennis court. He can pretty much do everything on the court, as was the case at the 2022 Wimbledon Final, where he pushed Novak Djokovic to the wall on multiple occasions. Despite being dominant, he continued to complain during the course of a fiercely fought final that Djokovic eventually won, but not before being pushed hard by Kyrgios.

Based on all his insanity, aggression, and dominating instincts, Kyrgios got the nickname 'The Wild Thing.' There is no better way to define him.


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