Sports Nicknames - The Beast of Alexandria

Mohamed Elshorbagy, from Egypt, is a leading global figure in the world of squash.

The Beast of Alexandria - Mohamed Elshorbagy - Profile illustration.  Drawing.  Art.

Born into a squash-playing family, his skills on the court have seen him secure numerous titles - from the British Open and the PSA World Championship to various PSA World Tour victories.

Elshorbagy's on-court demeanor showcases his aggressive style, outstanding fitness, and sheer mental grit. It's no wonder he's been the World No. 1 multiple times, often maintaining this position for extended periods of time. His matches, characterized by intense rallies and extraordinary shot-making, often leave spectators in awe.

Mohamed Elshorbagy, from the city of Alexandria, is often called "the Beast of Alexandria" due to his strong determination and fearless spirit on the squash court. Elshorbagy is known as a relentless player who never gives up.

His journey through professional squash has seen him compete fiercely with other legends like Nick Matthew, Gregory Gaultier, and Ramy Ashour. These rivalries have given the squash community some of its most unforgettable matches.


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